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Project Description


A Sustainable Organic Life in Sonoita, AZ

When we started Awaken Organics we had no idea where our homestead farm would take us. We loved the fresh air, the views, the potential the grasslands had to offered and the truth of the matter: we wanted to be sustainable and self reliant.

So we started an incubator with Fruits, Herbs, and Flowers to get our green thumb in tune to the 5,000 above sea level altitude farming.

Seven years into our little experiment we have expanded to a small vineyard with Lavender Fields, Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes, Olive Trees and Boysenberries. Our trees and vines are expected to produce in four years, so in the meantime we continue to experiment with the Herbs, Flowers, we use in our 100% Therapeutic Essential oil elixirs, Soaps and Creams.

We are proud to say that our Farm has become an oasis-sanctuary for Hummingbirds, Bees, Butterflies and Wild Life. Our farm is run by Solar Power and no pesticides are used in any of our fields. Finally, we love it here in our own little Eden, and yes we will continue to grow, what is life but a constant expansion!

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